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Finnley James Truman (they/them) — Collage Artist 

The artwork of Finnley James largely explores the endless facets of sex and sexuality, bodies, queer experiences, how society views the binary constructs of gender, and the way in which we treat all living creatures and the earth itself. As a Jewish person, a common theme in their work is the desperation of marginalized groups to connect with one another, and to have their voices heard.

We are unrelentingly flooded with visual imagery every day. Our brains are constantly receiving intense information at an alarming rate. Each individual's life experience — the joys and the trauma — innately decipher what types of input catch our attention, and what will simply pass through our minds. 


The imagery that catch Truman's attention are parts of themself that may feel painful and confusing. Their life's work is taking those bits and pieces and putting them together in a new way with just three tools: paper images, scissors, and glue. The simplest form of art has now become their deepest form of expression — one where the images they pull from are just waiting for to be arranged in a new way. Truman's desire is to heal through this craft and to speak to the viewer.

Truman is almost always in a constant battle with the purpose of each piece. Is the purpose of art to share a feeling, an emotion, a joy, or a trauma with others? Or is it more personal than that?

The essence of a true artist is one who creates art without expecting others to look at it. 

However, Finnley James Truman is ready to share their work with you.

To see Finnley's Curriculum Vitae, click here.

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